A one-time $40 administration fee Includes use of our high security bezel lock system – we offer a one-time $20 discount for credit-card autopay enrollment!   Please call for unit prices.  (509)764-7233 – 764-SAFE

Management retains no master keys for increased security.

Unit sizes
5×5 Closet size, 20-30 banker/file storage boxes (25 sq ft)
5X10 Large walk-in closet size, 35-50 file storage boxes (50 sq ft)
10X10 Small bedroom size (100 sq ft)
15×15 With wider doors to accommodate larger items, larger garage size (225 sq ft)
10×25 Large double garage size, usually capable of storing the contents of a small house (250 sq ft)
12×25 or 10×30 Larger double garage size 14′ ceilings (300 sq ft)
Our largest units:

12×40 (480 sf)

12×45 (540 sf)

13×45 (585 sf)

These units have extra high ceilings and include power for trickle chargers, ideal for RVs.

Outside Storage 12x 40
Secure, fenced, outdoor storage available for boats, RVs, cars, trailers, etc.

**Other sizes of units may also be available.